Young Curious Monkey – Day 6

Laura here again, still busy with my placement at Curious Monkey.

This morning was a really exciting morning as I got to finally see a full performance of Leaving. This performance was a special event as the play was being used as part of the Barnardo’s staff training day. The play’s focus is on care leavers and looked after children, so it should have been quite effective on its audience. I was given the task to hand out and collect comment cards from the audience to get some feedback about the production. From chatting to some of the people I was handing them out to, it seemed that the production really did its job, as many said they felt inspired to make a difference in their line of work. This felt really rewarding as I know how hard the Curious Monkey team and cast have worked, but on the other hand I was mistaken for a waitress in the bar area quite frequently whilst handing the comment cards out… that was awkward, but maybe there’s a lesson to be learned about either how I dress or how I approach people there…

There was also a post-show discussion with Amy, a care-leaver and a young person just about to leave care. This really seemed to bring the message of the show closer to home for many members of the audience. The care-leavers spoke really eloquently about their experiences in care, which was really admirable to watch and seemed to have a massive impact on the audience.

In the evening I took part in a workshop with Troupe. I was really excited about this as we were having a go at recorded delivery using recordings of the actor’s voices. This was a lot of fun and it was great to meet the young people involved in Troupe. Toni and Rachael who ran the workshop were great at bringing out people’s confidence and made the session really approachable and fun for everyone involved. They interacted so well with the participants and had a really encouraging attitude, but never forced anyone to do anything they really didn’t want to.

I’m looking forward to next week and learning more about Troupe and life at Curious Monkey. Keep an eye out for more updates on this blog and on our Twitter feed


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