Young Curious Monkey – Day 5

Hi everyone, it’s Laura here again!

This morning I discovered the tech week essentials: Coffee, Macbooks, and cues, cues and more cues. The Curious Monkey team are working hard, making cues for EVERYTHING. Cues for lighting, cues for sound, cues for the actors to move, cues for the actors lines, literally everything.

This morning I got to sit in while the team coordinated the sound for Leaving in Northern Stage. Mine, Amy and Roma’s jobs were to let Rachael, the stage manager, know if the sounds were coming out too loud or too quiet, and making sure they wouldn’t overpower the actor’s voices. This process was done for every moment of sound, including the music played in the interval! It turns out sound designers and stage managers want to make sure the audience can relax and still have a conversation during the break, even with the funky interval music playing… how considerate?!

I also got to see the lighting cues be planned, which was really interesting. This involved Amy marking out the movement of the actors, so the lighting designer knew where to focus the lighting. Pretty clever stuff. It also needed to match the mood of the scene, so the sounds and script needed to be considered here too.

After lunch, I sat in on the actor’s warm up again to get some funny Boomerangs for the social media. Head over to our Instagram account to see them!

I then got to see the tech run with the actors. It was great to see the play coming together with the costumes and all the lighting. The Northern Stage Youth Company also came to sit in on the tech run for a little bit as part of their first introduction to drama and theatre which was really cool. It was really great to see Curious Monkey and Northern Stage getting young people involved and excited by the arts and culture industry, and I might be slightly biased but I’m sure Leaving would be a great introduction to it!

My day finished at around 4pm today, but the cast and crew were all there until 10pm! If that isn’t hard graft I don’t know what is!


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