Young Curious Monkey – Day 4

Hi there, it’s Laura again on my placement with Curious Monkey.

I don’t want to alarm anyone but… it’s tech week already! I’ll be following the cast and crew throughout this week as they get ready for Leaving to open at Northern Stage before it goes on tour!

Today mostly involved tidying up some of the logistics of the play and working through scene transitions with Maria, the choreographer. Everything’s looking much smoother now, but I personally think that was mostly down to the help of our assistant director, little baby Ella! It’s always lovely to have Ella around in rehearsals, and it’s amazing to see Amy working as a director and a new mum! That’s some serious life goals there!

It was really cool to get to see the cast, stage manager and lighting/sound technicians work together in the Northern Stage performance space to plan the technical side of things. Mapping out the stage space and marking the actors positions on stage to help coordinate the lighting etc. is the kind of thing you forget about when you go to see a performance, but it turns out the technical crew for Leaving are working really hard to make that the case!

During rehearsals I’ve been updating the Instagram story. Today’s has mostly involved seeing the cast work through the havoc of the white boxes (again), which was swiftly solved by Matt, one of the actors, and Maria. The problem solving skills in this cast and crew are pretty impressive!

If you want to keep up to date with what I’m doing on my placement, I’m always updating the Curious Monkey Instagram (mostly with boomerangs) throughout rehearsals and writing these blog posts, so keep an eye out for all of that.

I can’t wait to experience the rest of tech week and tell you all about it!

Laura x

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