Young Curious Monkey – Day 3

Hi, Laura here again!

Today was my third day with Curious Monkey and everything’s getting really exciting! It’s been super snowy in Newcastle, but rehearsals went on regardless.

Everyone sat in a circle with Amy to begin with and talked about their mornings and how they were feeling about the production. I thought this was a really nice way to start the day, and shows how close the Curious Monkey team and cast are. Next came the physical warm up to some really happy music, which seemed to make everyone forget about the horrible blizzard going on outside. I was asked to time the exercises and rests, and I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed having that power.

The cast then did a staggered run through of the first act of Leaving. It was amazing to see everything start to come together, including all the new soundtracks and choreography everyone had been working so hard on. The play seemed to be really progressing well, but there was still a few tiny things to be ironed out. Amy, Curious Monkey’s artistic director, had some really interesting notes for the actors, and it was really cool to get to see her creative and critical thinking come into practice. It was clear an eye for detail is important in directing, and that the cast have to work closely with the director to communicate any concerns. I was really impressed with how carefully every moment of the play has been thought about, and it’s clear the hard work is really paying off.

I was also asked to get some videos of the cast talking to the camera in character to be used for the marketing of the play. They each delivered some really emotive moments to the camera to help introduce their characters, so keep an eye out for them on the Curious Monkey social media and website!

After a quick lunch break, I got to observe a full run through of the second act. This was equally as impressive as the first act, and it was great to see the character’s individual narratives unfold. All the choreography with the boxes was looking really smooth now, and if you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts you’ll know how much havoc they were causing!

After a few little notes from Amy, we all trekked to the metro in the blizzard together, which was quite an ordeal but we made it. There’s a picture of us all in the blizzard over on the Curious Monkey Instagram, along with some rehearsal pictures.

I’ll be keeping you all updated throughout the rehearsals at Northern Stage next week, so keep any eye out for those blog posts coming soon! I also get to take over the Instagram every so often, so it’s definitely worth following us on there for some sneak peaks at rehearsals!

Laura x

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