Young Curious Monkey – Day 2

Young Curious Monkey- Day 2

Hi, Laura here again, on day 2 of my Young Curious Monkey placement.

Today has been a really exciting day as I’ve been trusted to update the Curious Monkey social media accounts! If you’ve been keeping up with our social media, you’ll have seen that I did an Instagram story take over (which was full of Boomerangs… because who doesn’t love a good Boomerang?). I also got to send out a couple of Tweets on the company’s Twitter page which was really cool.

In the office I’ve mostly been working on these blog posts and editing the rehearsal pictures so they’re ready to be uploaded to all the social media platforms. I’ve really enjoyed creating fun captions and Tweets for the images because it’s a really good opportunity to have some fun and get creative. I’ve also been asked to help out creating some backstage footage for the site and social media, so keep an eye out for that!

After lunch, I was back in the rehearsal room for a couple of hours observing and adding to our Instagram and Twitter. I had a lot of fun getting pictures for this, but it was also great to watch Amy, the company’s artistic director work with the choreographer, Maria, to smooth out some of the scene transitions. When you go to watch a performance, I suppose most of us just take things like scene changes for granted, but I’ve come to realise they’re actually quite a bit of work! There’s props to be moved, costumes to change, set to manoeuvre… honestly, I’ll never be able to watch a play the same again! This was a great process to watch though, because there was a lot of creative problem solving going on, and Amy and Maria worked really well together with the actors to avoid any collisions or costume malfunctions.

Leaving is coming together so nicely, and I’m really enjoying getting to see the actors transform into their characters using the headsets and recorded delivery. They’re a really talented bunch, with a lot of energy, so it’s been a really great experience observing them work with the company and retell some interesting stories.

If you haven’t seen our new Instagram posts and Tweets you’re really missing out!

Keep an eye out for more posts from me and the Curious Monkey team,

Laura x

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