Walker Talk

Walker Talk

Tickets for Walker Talk will be available for students from Walker Technology College and their families through the school. For other ticket enquires please contact us

Walker Talk is a year long project funded by the Sunday for Sammy Trust. A team of artists from Curious Monkey are working with pupils and teachers at Walker Technology College to create a brand new piece of theatre. We are working with 40 young people across a range of artistic disciplines including writing, performing, set design, music, stage management and media/filmmaking. 

In December 2016 the group visited Northern Stage to see James and the Giant Peach. This term we’ll be visiting the Tyne Theatre and Opera House to for a backstage tour to learn about all elements of theatre making including the impressive historical stage machinery, being on stage and working behind the scenes. The group will see how the aspects of theatre they are learning about through the project relate to a working theatre venue.

The final production, performed by a mixed cast of pupils with 2 professional actors, will be held at Walker Technology College in May 2017, for the school’s students, their families and the local community.


Photos: Mark Slater, John Millard

Positive, creative participatory activity is vital for the rounded development of young people; not only to improve confidence and communication, but also to help young people discover skills and talents; and broaden their minds to their own potential and options for the future. By offering opportunities in all aspects of theatre making, this project will allow everyone (including those not wanting to perform), the chance to engage and be part of a team, work towards a tangible goal, make a positive contribution and learn transferrable skills on the way. 

Meet the Team 

Co-Directors Amy Golding and Toni McElhatton 

Writer Lee Mattinson 

Musical Director Niroshini Thambar

Set Designer Nina Scott 

Assistant Director Kat Pierce

Lighting Design Simon Cole 

Production Manager  Jill Bennison 

Stage Manager Rachel Glover 

Professional Performers Dan Watson, Becky Morris, Mille Harris