Holocaust Memorial Day 2013

Holocaust Memorial Day 2013

Curious Monkey were commissioned by Newcastle City Council to coordinate the Holocaust Memorial Day event for 2013.

“If you could build a bridge”

Young voices from the communities of Newcastle came together to share with us their vision. They look with courage to a future that celebrates diversity, tolerance and respect whilst building on the lessons of the past.

This commemorative event showcased young people from the region and beyond through music, poetry, song, theatre and film.

As part of the event Artistic Director Amy Golding worked with a group of young people from the region to devise a new theatre piece based on their research into the Holocaust and other genocides.

As the national theme of this year’s event was ‘Communities Together, Build a Bridge’, we asked people to get involved in making a film to be screened at the event. We asked people to tell us.. if you could build a bridge, what or who would it join, or what would it cross? you can see all of the photos HERE

Click here to see Newcastle Free Press’ review of the event


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