Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events
Workshops and Events

Play Club

Are you interested in theatre, love reading plays but find it hard to take them in without reading them aloud? Well, we do too!

Play Club is a group of people (directors/writers/actors/ theatre lovers) who get together once a month to read a play together out loud. We read texts from the classics we feel we should have read (but haven’t), great new plays, to plays in development that writers might offer up to the group.

To find out more about any of our events, you can email Toni

Shoal Artist Network 

Shoal is a group of artists making and producing live performance work in the North East, held at Space Six. A place where artists and producers can meet to share skills, advice + mentoring, pose questions, provocations + ideas and meet collaborators, audiences + new friends.

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Upcoming shoal dates are: 

Thursday 15th June 2017
Thursday 21st September 2017
Thursday 14th December 2017


Theatre Monkey 

Theatre Monkey invites theatre practitioners, directors, facilitators and students to meet, share skills, play and monkey around together. Artistic Director of Curious Monkey, Amy Golding will introduce a practical workshop in which each participant will be invited to share an exercise. The workshop is followed by the Theatre Monkey tea party – an informal, fun networking opportunity involving lashings of tea and cake!

Theatre Monkey is about sharing the tricks of our trade, enjoying feeling linked up with other freelance theatre makers and remembering what it feels like to be a participant. During the tea party, people are encouraged to meet new people, get engrossed in creative banter and create new relationships/collaborations.

Theatre Monkey is open to theatre makers, directors and practitioners of any level of experience. We hope that there will be a heady mixture of emerging and established artists. There are a few rules of Theatre Monkey: it’s about play and monkeying around; it’s about give and take with an emphasis on the give; it’s a creative space where every contribution is valued.

One of our Theatre Monkeys will record all games and exercises that are shared and send round the notes after the workshop so you can add them to your bag of tricks!

If you are interested in collaborating with us or hosting a Theatre Monkey please email Amy.