From The Ashes

Over the last 10 months, the Curious Monkey team have been collaborating with people of different generations in Ashington to create an audio drama inspired by stories from people in South East Northumberland. The ‘From The Ashes’ project was commissioned by Woodhorn Charitable Trust, through the BAIT programme. Together with the Ashington group, we have written an audio drama and we are about to embark on recording the series to be broadcast on Koast Radio later in the year. One of the young participants involved in the project shares their thoughts from the rehearsal process.

Photo: Jason Thompson

Whilst doing this radio play I have learnt how to act in character more and learn how to use my voice to sound like I’m doing something. I have found some things difficult whilst doing this. One things was acting out the scenes whilst only standing, because you have to make the listener think you are doing a certain action or movement. The listener can’t see you so you need to make it sound like you’re moving around or something. Also, I found it difficult trying to keep in character and if you are saying something you need to know what tone to say it in and how loud or quiet you need it to be.

At the beginning of the radio play I was a lot quieter when reading my script and I would stutter. But as we did more rehearsals I started to get used to reading and acting it out in front of people. Also at the beginning I found it hard to read off the script and still sound like I’msaying it and not reading off a script. Over time, I started to know my lines and knew what it should sound like and how to say it. The people taking the sessions gave advise on how to make improvements on certain parts, which helped make the scene better when you added the improvement. During the process the script changed quite a bit, this has means that some parts of the episodes and scenes now sound better. This has also helped me to know where I went wrong and how to improve it.

Young participant, From The Ashes

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