Freelance Set Designer / Facilitator Opportunity

Curious Monkey are looking to recruit a theatre designer with facilitation skills for a large scale, year long theatre project in Walker Technology College, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The role will include:

–       Working with the creative team to recruit young people to be part of the project

–       Delivering two design workshops introducing the different elements of design in Theatre

–       Working with Curious Monkey artistic director Amy Golding and the creative team to design set and costume for a new play by Lee Mattinson to be performed in Walker Tech in June 2017

–       Create a model box for the design

–       Working with a group of young people aged 11-14 over 8 workshops, to encourage and enable them to be a crucial part of the design process.

–       Working with production manager to oversee set build and installation.

–       Working with Curious Monkey Project Coordinator Toni McElhatton who will be present as co-facilitator in all workshops with young people.

The successful candidate will have: 

–       Experience of working with young people

–       Experience of facilitating workshops

–       Experience of professional theatre design for touring theatre

-an Enhanced DBS Certificate (we can do this through Curious Monkey if you don’t already have one)

–       Able to commit to dates spread between September 2016 and June 2017*

*Most workshops will take place between 9am – 11am on a Tuesday or Wednesday (TBC)

*There will be full team workshops on Tuesday 4th October 2.30-5pm and Wednesday 14th December 2.30-5pm


Facilitation and planning fee = £1570

Set Design fee = £2410


Total Freelance Fee: £3980



How to apply:


Please send your CV, details and no more than 1 A4 page/or a 2 minute video of you talking answering the following questions:


  1. Tell us about your experience of facilitating workshops
  2. Tell us about your creative process
  3. Tell us how you might approach this project using your creative skills with a group of young people


Email: with your application with “Walker talk Musician Job” in the subject line by 25th July 5pm.

Here’s some more detailed information about the project.


Walker Talk


Exploring Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne now and in the past through a brand new theatre production and documentary. Students will be behind the camera, under the lights and behind the scenes transforming Walker Tech into a fully functioning theatre venue.



About the project


Walker Talk is a year long project funded by Sunday for Sammy Trust in which award winning Newcastle based theatre company Curious Monkey will work with year 7, 8 and 9 pupils and teachers from Walker Technology College over one school year to produce a brand new theatre production and documentary, based on the young peoples ideas, exploring their communities, histories and life today in Walker.


This project will bring drama back into school and engage with Art, Design, Media and English lessons. All aspects of creating a professional theatre production will be explored from writing to marketing to set design, working closely with exciting professional local artists. Media students will make a documentary of the process that will be screened at the premier performance at Walker Tech in June 2017.


Positive, creative participatory activity is vital for the rounded development of young people; not only to improve confidence and communication, but also to help young people discover skills and talents; and broaden their minds to their own potential and options for the future. By offering opportunities in all aspects of theatre making, this project will allow everyone (including those not wanting to perform), the chance to engage and be part of a team, work towards a tangible goal, make a positive contribution and learn transferrable skills on the way.


The project aims to engage 25 students across a range of artistic disciplines including writing, performing, set design, music, stage management and media/filmmaking. A team of professional artists will be partnered with teachers in the school to provide year round extra curricular activity that compliments learning areas within the curriculum. There will also be many opportunities to include the wider school in various aspects of the projects through work in class.



The final production, performed by a mixed cast of pupils with 2 professional actors, will be held at Walker Technology College in 2017, for the school’s students, their families and the local community. This will be a chance for young people to learn about their own surroundings and community, to be creative and express themselves, and to feel recognition seeing their stories and ideas on stage being appreciated and listened to by their family and friends.

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