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Call out for performers!

CASTING THIS SUNDAY 17th NOVEMBER … see below for details… Curious Monkey and Newcastle City Council are developing a new short play by Paddy Campbell, writer of the critically acclaimed ‘Wet House’, which opened at Live Theatre earlier this year. The play will feature music by Bridie Jackson from Bridie Jackson and the Arbour who…

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Announcement: I’m a Clore Fellow!!

Hello… It’s been a while since I blogged so I thought I would let you know my latest news. After a gruelling interview process I have been accepted as one of this year’s Clore Fellows. This is a yearly fellowship in Cultural Leadership run by the Clore Duffield Foundation. My fellowship is supported by Paul…

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Mamela @ NAF: Cast Reunited

After a good nights sleep in our comfy cabin at Makana Resort which will be our home for the next 3 weeks we are up early to meet the cast who are arriving on various buses and taxis throughout the day. Zimasa is first, on time at 9am. Both she and I are amazed. She’s…

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Mamela: Arrival in South Africa

After a very busy and exciting week in the Toon; packing, attending meetings, arranging cat sitters and taking part in and celebrating being one of the winners of Northern Stage’s Title Pending, we just about managed to close our backpacks and get off on time.  The next 6 weeks in going to be incredible, finally…

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Young Theatre Monkey: Behind the scenes

The end of last week was spent having a look behind the scenes at Theatre Auracaria. I was over in the office in Newcastle getting to grips with the organisation of Theatre Auracaria with producer, Jenny Dewar. We started off with ‘Happy Tuesday’, a name intended to cheer up what would normally be called a…

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Young Theatre Monkey: the beginnings of Beats North

Hello! I’m Helen Cooper and for the next two weeks I will be doing a work placement with Theatre Auracaria. I’m a final year French and Drama student at the University of Bristol, but I was born in Middlesbrough and grew up around North Yorkshire and Teesside, so i’m keen to learn more about the…

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My Time in South Africa 3: Show Time

The day of the show…             We still have a day to work on making the piece smooth, which we very much need. The transitions, the pace, projection and delivery still need some work and our time is running out! And to make matters worse Nandi, our strongest singer has…

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My Time in South Africa 2: Rehearsals Begin

We have a beautiful space with natural light pouring in through the huge sash windows and a lovely wooden floor to rehearse in at the Athenaeum building in Central Port Elizabeth. We play some games and do a warm up and enjoy being in each other’s company again. I give everyone the opportunity to speak…

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My Time in South Africa 1: Mamela Cast Reunited.

Sitting in Port Elizabeth, the beautiful sunshine warming my face and anticipating the moment when the cast of “Mamela” will be reunited. Two years since we first all met and so much has changed for us all. Lucia is due to arrive first; I wait anxiously on the street corner for her taxi to turn…

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